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John doesn't care for writing these bio artist staement things in the third person so he's decided not to.

Born in Rochester, New York sometime in the last third of the Twentieth Century I spent my first twenty odd years in upstate, eventually going to school at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic design.

After school i moved to New York City working as a designer, illustrator, and animator on the comparatively primitive workstations of the time. After a number of full-time positions with the last being a production manager at a medium-sized production house, I left to freelance, eventually ending up in San Francisco. The city is beautiful, but it was the early nineties and the economy out there was tanking so we moved back east where I continued freelancing. The world was changing, technology was changing, the internet was about to hit.

While working in desktop publishing I met some folks playing around creating Web pages. These were in the days when the only browser around was Mosaic. The rest of that battle for browser supremacy is history, and pretty much irrelevant now, but seemed interesting for the lessons it teaches about technology. I recall it being said early on that the web viewed censorship as damage and routed around it. The same could be said for anyone trying to create a walled garden.

This led me to designing web pages and taking a full time job developing and managing web sites for The McGraw-Hill Companies, eventually ending up at Standard & Poor's working in application development for their electronic products as a Director of their Business Analyst group.

Interesting - maybe. Met great folks along the way, learned a lot, and realized many folks like myself ended up drawn into this business from diverse backgrounds: artists, photographers, even meteorologists. Smart folks all, that figure out stuff and create winning solutions.

The job changed, the company changed, and I changed.

So here I am, having just graduated from the General Studies Certificate Program at the International Center of Photography. I have no great philosophy on photography. It's a passion for me with no boundries. My urban landscape and portraiture touch me most, and a dose of self exploration and social commentary. Capturing the uniqness of a person or place gets me all soft in the knees (yeah, yeah, hopeless romantic like all photographers). I'm just starting this part of my journey and I still have much to learn. For now my pursuit will be in editorial, advertising, portraiture, and fine art. Where will I end up, who knows, but The Met or The Whitney would be just fine.